The Galleria at Sunset

The Galleria at sunset is a shopping, dining and entertainment hot spot in Henderson Nevada, with a variety of retail outlets, a Hilton hotel, five restaurants and five nightclubs. There are over seventy thousand square feet of retail space and the other forty-five hundred will be a mixture of retailers, restaurants and clubbing opportunities. The main area includes two main sections. The first is the food court, which features several fast food chains and many sit down diners and a few cafes for those that want to sit at the counter and relax while they wait.

The second section is called the Mall. It has a large shopping center surrounded by restaurants and boutiques with over three hundred and seventy stores and restaurants. It also has a bowling alley and a concert venue that feature acts such as Cirque du Soleil. The second area is more of a combination of retail and restaurant then it is a mall. In fact, some people have complained that the Galleria at sunset mall is too crowded.

Another popular feature of the Galleria at sunset shopping mall is the “Ladies’ Market.” This is where you can buy things such as jewelry, clothes, shoes, hats, purses and more. There are also a number of small boutiques, gift shops, shoe stores and more that sell various things.


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