Springs Preserve

Springs Preserve, 333 S Valley View Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89107

 The Springs Preserve in Las Vegas, this land feature is a wildlife, there are museums, exhibits, a cafe, trails.There are two different areas a very small

portion of what they have to offer.

The Springs Preserve is a hundred and eighty acres and it’s made to honor the history of Vegas its current state and also look forward to improving our future it’s been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1978 and the area it used to be used as a water supply for the Native Americans living here oh and also for the early settlers of Las Vegas this is a spring preserve a past present and future a refuge the Sphinx reserve is a huge huge place for just education there’s a map right here that’s showing all the different areas and we’re just going to two areas today this area here and then inside the origin museum that you can see it’s huge so we’ll definitely be coming back to check out some of the other areas and the springs Reserve is located where the original water source for Las Vegas was it’s been dried up long long time ago but the land here is important to our city so that is why the Springs Preserve came to be he’s the Historical Marker there’s a lot to see here but today we’re checking out two of the water thing exhibits starting with their new exhibit waterworks it’s a hands-on experience that will teach us how water is delivered to Las Vegas then we’ll go to another popular exhibit here at the Springs Reserve which is going to be the flash sled exhibit


if you’ve ever wondered how a water is prepared and delivered to your home especially in a town like Las Vegas where is the desert and water is scarce not only will this exhibit tell you all about that but it’s also located in a operating water pumping facility that’s also the Las Vegas water district there is a 20 million gallon water reservoir underneath the parking area if the street swimmer.


Squeeze the ball in Smith the distinctive spin combination of rocks with wet wet sweat down concrete if Isis collect water samples from seven

different water depths and they use this specialized sampling container called a Van Dorn it’s a attached to a weighted cable and then it carries the open container to the sampling and death and scientists can haul it over to the surface for sampling so that they collect more than 33,000 samples a year this is telling you how murky the water is the pH is at a seven so it’s neutral the chlorine is high extremely hard which is very true out here and Las Vegas this whole area is showing you different types of bacteria that can live within your water and how they touched the water so that they ensure that it’s completely clear that’s up plankton oh my god grass contaminated water with e.coli is easy to detect with a certain chemical test once it’s placed in a blue light it will light up that you can see where the bacteria is or where it’s going in the water a Charlestown Heights pumping station says these pumps move water through underground pipes to serve homes and businesses who uses more water the residents or the visitors seeing at hotels and casinos I mean we use it for our lawns and stuff and they really just use it to shower and I kind of see dented and learn residents use more water I win the hotel resorts consume less than 5% interesting look at how much the town has grown from 1984 to 2015 a redwood pipe primarily used in the nineteen hundreds it carried water from its original source from Las Vegas Springs to the growing community and then the metal pipe was installed from 1930s to the 1950s because the cast-iron pipe often corroded so if you move that wheel left and then it’s gonna go up into the the tunnel and it goes into the he’s a quick peek of the Boomtown I’ll definitely come back here I’m really excited about this exhibit here boomtown 1905 Madoff State Museum is located right next to the Springs Reserve as well and when you get a ticket to the Springs Preserve you can go into the State Museum no our second exhibit is going to take us inside the origin experience there’s quite a few exhibits inside of this area I think they have over 75 exhibits in the Springs Preserve alone but we’re gonna take a look at the flash flood exhibit today which is their most popular right now they have natures and ninja that is a temporary exhibit from June 10th to September 3rd since the nature is ninja exhibit is only temporary let’s check it out real quick here’s the watch out and they’re welcome safely.


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