South Rainbow Boulevard

Rainbow Boulevard is a main thoroughfare in the Las Vegas Valley that runs north–south. State Route 595 runs along a section of the road. Rainbow Boulevard was once known as Lorenzi Boulevard north of Westcliff Drive. After the construction of US 95 (Oran K. Gragson Freeway) in the region, the route was given its current name (a separate Lorenzi Street exists just east of it, from Westcliff to Charleston).

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The southern terminus of SR 595 was State Route 160 (Blue Diamond Road) in January 2003, giving the roadway a total length of 10.846 miles (17.455 km). The highway had been shortened to its current terminus at Tropicana Avenue by January 2006.

Rainbow Boulevard starts in Clark County south of Blue Diamond Road and runs north to Horse Drive in northern Las Vegas. Rainbow Boulevard was one of only two routes west of I-15 that connected Blue Diamond Road to the urbanized regions to the north before Durango Drive was completed north of Blue Diamond Road. Dean Martin Drive was the other road (formerly Industrial Road). Decatur Boulevard and Fort Apache Road would soon be added to the list of notable streets.

A total of 506 acres are included in the Rainbow Boulevard North Corridor Plan. Rainbow. Along the Corridor, there is a limited diversity of General Land Use and Zoning. The route is dominated by single-family detached dwellings, which includes Medium-Low Density Residential and Desert Rural. Trade and business decisions are very important. On the northeast and southeast corners of Rainbow Boulevard and Ann Road, as well as the southeast corner of Rainbow Boulevard and Rancho Drive, commercial properties are forming. Since 1965, the General Commercial (GC) building has stood on the southwest corner of Rainbow Boulevard and Rancho Drive.

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