Signs of Faulty or Broken Garage Door Springs

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There are some signs of faulty or broken garage door springs that may be noticeable to you. Of course, the signs may not be so apparent to the owner of the home, as in case you live in an older home, or a home with a lot of wooden doors or old steel doors. But the signs will at least allow you to get help, which is why I’m including them here.

There is usually a creak when the door opens and shuts, or both at once. This should stop the door from closing on itself when the garage is open, and you should immediately look for these signs of faulty or broken garage door springs. If you have a high-tension spring, then the tension that pulls the door back will be too great, and the door will start to rock. This would also cause the garage door to not work properly when it was shut. There are two types of garage door springs, and they are called the lateral tension and the longitudinal tension springs.

There is one type of tension springs, which is used in many doors. These are called extension springs, and they are available in many different models. When the doors come up or down on their own, the springs will be too weak to maintain the proper tension and the doors will stop working properly.

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