Shark Reef Aquarium at the Mandalay Bay

Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay, 3950 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119

The Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay located on the south end of the Las Vegas Boulevard is the beautiful Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino today we’re gonna check out the shark reef aquarium which is a full-size aquarium that provides research conservation education and a fun experience right here on the Las Vegas Strip this is the front entrance to the Shark Reef Aquarium it’s actually a really cool exhibit it’s time these crocodiles agreed to when you walk in I’ve been here twice before and I love it here it’s really cool that they have something like this a huge aquarium in the middle of the desert now this area is considered the jungle area and it has different types of above-ground animals and reptiles you do get sights sounds and smells hair kind of reminds me of going into the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland this exhibit is actually pretty darn big when I first came down here I thought that it was gonna be just a small quick walk through but as we’ll show you today there is a lot to see here there’s a komodo dragon earth’s largest lizard oh he’s opening his eyes hey guy the pricing here is $25 for adults seniors are 23 kids 12 and under will be 19 and then kids 3 and under are free these are unique African chinch lives a whole lot of em in here the turtle and his friend fish what’s its name oh it’s just name oh what a good luck fish good luck that you’re in the same aquarium as the python snake whoa this guy’s huge they’re stingrays down there I’m gonna name this guy eight one little print there looks like an Xbox controller there’s a sign that says buyers beware that some pet stores were selling these fish and we worried because they will outgrow we were aquarium huh he’s funny he’s like resting his head on that rock right there tire you don’t want to slam, the piranhas now this supreme has been open since June of 2000 and it sees over 1 million of visitors a year there are over 2,000 animals in the aquarium and it’s also the first animal care facility in Nevada to be accredited by the Association of zoos and aquariums way cool I got clean this places sometimes you go to crayons and there’s hand prints all over the when the the glass they can’t really see for it look how clear this one is though they’re so colorful fish blue fish and we’re entering the shark tunnel is gorgeous I love these kind of shark tunnels or aquarium tunnels where you basically are arty submerged kind of like you’re underwater with the fish keen to say hello to you guys the starfish literally looks like Patrick who is more stingrays they asked now you do have a few different hands on animal encounters here for a fee so you can do shark feeding there’s also stingray feeding and turtle feeding and check out their website for the pricing that’s something I would love to do Neptune’s fury we’re heading into the shipwreck area oh it’s so cool so this area here the shipwreck area has 1.3 million gallons of water you can see all around you even below here and then there’s a top view as well you completely submerged in this area and surrounded by sharks it’s like the ship went down and we belong to the Sharks, Shark Reef Aquarium  in Las Vegas NV.


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