The Mob Museum

The Mob Museum Located on 300 Stewart Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101

This is the story of one place in Las Vegas that’s helped bring thousands of visitors downtown created new jobs and breathe new life into one of our community’s most revered and iconic buildings this is the story of the mob museum located in 300 Stewart Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Bought it for $1 with the understanding that it would be restore it to its original condition and it would be used for museum purposes and then it dawned on me what’s the one thing that makes us different than anyplace else we’re born from the mob there are important buildings we have lost this was a building the federal government wanted to lose and the city stepped up I think it’s an important story for people to realize that Las Vegas is committed to its history this building is a great example housed in a beautifully restored u.s. post office in courthouse that played a key role in mob history the mob museum’s award-winning immersive exhibits in more than 2,000 rare artifacts tell the riveting stories of the nation’s most notorious criminals along with those of the men and women who sought to shut them down and bring them to justice it’s the story of organized crime challenges and its development in America the underbelly of America you know MA Museum organized crime and police work they they basically go hand in hand and you know I think it’s important for us to have some historical knowledge on how where we got to where we are at and the museum brings that a visit to the mob museum is about as close as anyone can get to the most infamous events and figures of the 20th century visitors can listen to FBI wiretap recordings see the st. Valentine’s Day Massacre wall and learn about u.s. senator Kefauver and his committee in the courtroom where they actually took place I don’t think there’s anything quite like this in the entire country I would have to say this matches any Museum in the country it is really a first-rate job this cutting-edge approach has quickly helped the mob museum become a must-see Vegas destination by locals and tourists alike the museum has become globally respected as a research resource what’s the evidence for the mob museum’s dramatic economic impact on downtown Las Vegas overall the museum has made an economic impact to the tune of 20 million dollars annually 80 employs more than 3.6 million dollar payroll operating budget over nine million dollars the museum welcomed over 350,000 guests in 2016 with more than two-thirds of people coming downtown primarily to visit the mob museum this along with 1,500 members and more than one hundred volunteers creates a ripple effect as visitors spend money at other downtown Vegas businesses and really happy that there’s a museum that’s really just woven right into the fabric of downtown this cherished piece of Vegas history is the perfect setting for countless events throughout the year the museum hosts informative and provocative public programs including panel discussions speaker series and book signings from noted crime writers scholars and journalists the mob museum has developed in in the tensions opened as as a key cultural center for the community a cultural center that draws people from around the world the museum also partners with community groups such as the Las Vegas metropolitan Police Department Clark County School District and other community organizations to host safety forums meetings seminars and town halls the history of the mob is a captivating tale but one that’s rarely taught in the classroom or read about in school history books the investigating History Program is one that not only brings about the preservation of our history but it looks at constitutional law and criminal justice and it puts it together in a fun and exciting learning environment where students are able to truly apply the skills that they are learning about not only our law but the history of Las Vegas I think there are a lot of lessons that students can learn from the museum I think they can see how easy it is for someone who doesn’t have a lot of support to get drawn into a life of crime and I think it’s important for them to also see where Las Vegas and its development fits into all tell Vegas is more thrilling and exhilarating than ever I think having the mob museum is one of the anchors of downtown is really important for how downtown has transformed itself in the last few years that really is a boost for the whole local economy it allows downtown to grow in other ways with the restaurants and the bars and any other experiences you can have so I think it’s really what is going to propel downtown Las Vegas forward the museum is also proud of the many local national and international accomplishments and accolades it’s earned you know I think its TripAdvisor rank the mob museum number 19 in the entire country number 19 of all museums Smithsonian Museum of Modern Art Metropolitan Museum but what’s in the museum sites for the future despite the awards won and praise received the mob museum is always looking ahead new innovations are being planned along with new ways to inspire visitors all while thinking about how the museum can continue its mission to advance the public understanding of organized crimes history and impact on American society so has the mob museum delivered let’s review the evidence jobs creed tourism boosted local businesses happier than ever becoming a centerpiece in the downtown community getting local students excited about history preserving an important piece of Vegas history for future generations and making a total economic impact of 20 million dollars annually the mob museum is guilty of doing a lot of good case closed.

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