Lion Habitat Ranch

“Henderson Nevada, the home of Lions Habitat Ranch,” is the description that appears on the website of this sanctuary for endangered species. This wildlife sanctuary is located just outside the town of Henderson, Nevada, and it is the home to several species of large felines: lions, elephants, leopards, deer, raccoons, and a variety of other animals that range from four feet long to over twenty feet.

According to the owner, “all our animals are in safe hands with this private land. We have a contract with the USDA Wildlife Services to ensure that they feed and house our animals as well as providing us with a safe and secure place for them to live.” The owner says that this land is owned by the National Park Service, and it has been used as a wildlife refuge for decades. The owner also states that the land is part of a huge project, which will provide housing for many endangered species. “It’s like we’re building a big city on this land. We hope one day the animals will feel safe enough to go out into the world again.”

“Lion Habitat Ranch,” says the website, is “dedicated to protecting these exotic and endangered animals, educating the public about their conservation, and promoting responsible pet ownership.” Visitors can see the wildlife sanctuary and its animals by viewing the website or the photos that are featured on it. Visitors can also see the animals in their natural environment by viewing their habitat photos.


Lion Habitat Ranch Henderson, NV


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