Las Vegas Strip, Nevada

The Las Vegas Strip

Has been shut down for just about two months now but it’s starting to reopen and life is coming back to some sense of normal at least normal in an open sense and I’m gonna tell you about all the things that are already open I’ll tell you about what places have announced that they’re opening and I’ll tell you about some of the rumors for things that are opening in the future like the casinos that we don’t have firm dates but they have advertised some dates but they’re about as good as dates written in sand about everything that’s going on in Las Vegas as business returns and a whole bunch of fun travel guides to boot and by the way fun fact before we get into the things that are open is Las Vegas today is a hundred and fifteen years old this is Las Vegas his birthday today 115 years ago the city of Las Vegas was founded by the creation of some railroad land all right so into what’s open well the first restaurant to open on the Las Vegas Strip was in the Fashion Show Mall raw sushi right there they opened a few days ago actually it’s almost six days ago and Nevada has allowed dine in restaurants to open at 50% capacity so dining restaurants are starting to open across the state other things that are also open in Fashion Show Mall by the way Fashion Show Mall is the shopping mall that’s right across from the win and the Encore Hotel it has this thing on top that kind of looks like a UFO Benihana of Tokyo is open Capitol grill is open Maggiano’s Little Italy which you see there right above Ross sushi is open and kung-fu tea which is kind of like a taiwanese boba tea place is open in the food court upstairs there’s a couple shops that are open Dick’s Sporting Goods and also Dave it off of Geneva if you want some really high-end jewelry so those two place are open as well the current regulation is that like indoor shopping malls can’t really open they can only open for curbside pickup and so that’s why you’re seeing the things that are open in the fashion show mall currently things that are outside now also in shopping on May 12th the Las Vegas Premium Outlets North opened this is the outlet shopping mall that is closer to downtown Vegas rather than the airport there are two outlet malls in Las Vegas the South outlet mall is the one by the airport that one’s an indoor mall indoor malls are still closed so that one’s still closed but this one is open because it is an outdoor mall and they basically reopened that what they would consider 50% capacity the mall placed arrows and distance markers to direct foot traffic and encourage social distancing the food court is open there though they removed half of the food court tables for social distancing they’re no longer renting out strollers at the moment they closed several bathrooms though hand sanitizer is available there is another mall that’s open before we get to this one also Town Square on the Las Vegas Strip close to the airport they are open as well kind of big-box stores and things like that over there one that just opened yesterday in downtown Las Vegas is the container park. Las Vegas trip but this one’s close to the strip and I just love this place it’s pretty cool and I don’t know that everybody knows about the container park so the container park is the shopping mall that’s built of shipping containers and they have this fire-breathing giant praying mantis the praying mantis is currently not open but the shopping mall is and you can see right there some of those shipping containers I of course like it because it has a yellow shipping container up on top the forum there’s Town Square the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace is open but only for curbside pickup 22 of the shops in the Caesars Palace forum shops are available for curbside pickup so you could go in the parking garage and call them and they could bring something to your car but not open for general shopping as of yet but as a note of cool shopping malls on the lake Las Vegas Strip this one’s definitely one of my favorites I enjoy just the the ming of it and I enjoy the blue sky up there another place that opened well okay that picture not yet alright we’ll come back to that okay Tahiti village is a hotel one of the first hotels to reopen on the Las Vegas Strip


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