Lake Las Vegas

If you are in the market for a cheap and relaxing vacation, consider visiting Lake Las Vegas. The town is located between Elko and Winnemucca National Parks and is bordered by Nevada, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Oregon, Wyoming, and Minnesota. There are many fun activities in and around the area, so whether your interests lie in golf or surfing, fishing or boating, there is something for everyone. Here are several tips to help you plan a trip to Lake Las Vegas.

To get started on a vacation to Lake Las Vegas, make a list of what you are interested in. You should write down the activities you plan to enjoy at each place. These could include hunting, boating, fishing, mountain biking, hiking, or any other type of outdoor adventure. The more activities you have planned, the lower the cost of the overall vacation will be. Determine your family size and consider activities that would be appropriate for all ages.

Once you have identified the places you want to visit during your vacation, you can begin looking for Lake Las Vegas vacations. You can search through online sites such as vacation rentals or search through local travel magazines. You can also do a search with a local travel agent who specializes in vacation destinations such as Las Vegas. Many vacation rental companies offer discounts when you book through them. Also, some of these travel agents will offer discounts for booking your hotel rooms in advance.

You may not realize it, but there are actually many great deals available to those planning a trip to Lake Vegas. In addition to a great selection of vacation rental homes for rent in the vicinity of the lake, you will also find a number of hotels and bed and breakfasts throughout the area. Some of these hotels provide complimentary transportation to the lake for those who wish to take advantage of this service. This helps to save money on meals and lodging during your trip.

If you plan to stay at one of the hotels in Lake Vegas, you will want to consider staying at one which is located near the area where you intend to fish or play golf. It may be difficult to find a good lakefront deal if you do not have a lot of extra time and extra money to spend while you are away from home. The Internet can help you find affordable Lake Las Vegas hotels that are in close proximity to all the attractions. While you are looking at websites such as these, look to see if any promotions are running. You may even be able to use their promotion code to get a discount on your airfare, room rate, or on your hotel accommodations.

When planning a vacation to Lake Vegas, don’t forget to bring along your family. Make sure that you let your children know what you plan to do and ask them to bring their own activities. This will give you the opportunity to experience more things together than if you were all alone.

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Head west toward N Arroyo Grande Blvd
223 ft
Turn right onto N Arroyo Grande Blvd
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Turn right onto W Warm Springs Rd

Pass by La Petite Academy of Henderson (on the right in 0.2 mi)

5.0 mi
Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto E Lake Mead Pkwy
3.7 mi
Turn left onto Lake Las Vegas Pkwy
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Turn right onto Grand Mediterra Blvd

Partial restricted usage road

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Turn right onto Grand Anacapri

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Lake Las Vegas

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