How to Throw a Party in Your Garage

How to Throw a Party in Your Garage

Turn your garage into the next party!

What makes a garage party so unique is the countless ways you can alter it specifically for your celebration. Take advantage of your car space by throwing your next celebration in the comfort of your garage especially if your guest list is a lot bigger than usual. Surprisingly, turning your residential garage into a venue can save you lots of money and nothing is better than having your kitchen a few steps away for your convenience. To get your next garage party going, here American Veteran Garage’s three simple ways you can make your garage celebration a success.

Turn Your Garage into a Party

1. Clean and clear

First things first, clean and clear your garage of all vehicles, large equipment, supplies, and other objects to make space for the party. It can be a dangerous hazard for your guests and children with heavy-duty hardware laying around. If you’re not laying additional flooring for the party, don’t forget to sweep up dust and dirt. Nothing is more unattractive than showing up at a party in someone’s dirty garage filled with cobwebs.

2. Make it a festive venue

Now that your garage is empty, bring on the decorations! Fill your garage with streamers, line your chairs and tables with themed tablecloths, and feel free to spruce up outside the garage, the garden, and driveway with fun decor. Don’t forget to accommodate the right amount of chairs and tables for your guests. Using easy fold tables and chairs can make set up and break down a breeze.

3. Get the party going!

Depending on the type of celebration you’re hosting, plan accordingly. If it’s a sport-viewing party, you can hang up a large, white sheet on the wall and use a projector for a huge homemade screen. Celebrating a birthday? Bring on the pinatas, music system, and of course, the food!