How to Properly Frame an Opening for a 16 X 7 Garage Door
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‘How to Guide’ on Framing a Garage Door Opening Correctly.

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Setting up Your Opening Frame Dimensions.

First thing is I have in the finished size of the opening correctly.
You want to have the finished opening be 2 inches narrower of the door to be installed.
So if you’re planning on getting a 16 foot wide door, you’re finished opening should be 15’10”.
This will have your door sitting perfectly behind the opening and not having any light showing
through the edges. As far as the Height, have the opening be the same height as the garage door
to be installed. You can have it an inch shorter, But it’s not necessary.

Note: If you’re planning to add stucco to your frame, take that into consideration when building
the frame. Stucco generally adds about an inch on each, side but not always.

Clearance Frame to Ceiling

Garage Door Headroom

Make sure you have sufficient headroom. It’s ideal to have a minimum of 12 inch of headroom
 between the top of the frame to the finished ceiling. If you won’t have sufficient headroom you 
will have to install low headroom track and complicate the install. 
Torsion Bracket Anchor Wood Slab.
Don’t forget to have a big slab of wood mounted in the middle of the opening going from the top of the opening to the ceiling. You will be installing your garage
 door torsion bracket to that part of the wall. It needs to be a sturdy piece of wood since there’s a
 lot of torque on it. You can use 2 pieces of 2×6 wood on top of the other. This way you should have
 almost 4” of depth and 6” of width. That is a min. You can also do 12” wide, which is more common
 among home builders. 

Make sure you have a 12″ tall by 6″ wide X 4″ deep wood slab mounted in the middle of the opening.

Side of Opening

You will be attaching your garage door tracks to the wood on the sides of the opening.
A minimum of 3 inch wide by 4 inch deep is required. It’s ideal to have 5 inch wide wood
on both sides of the opening. This way you’ll have plenty of room should you need to make
adjustments, or if you made a mistake in the size, Which surprisingly happens sometimes during framing.

Wood all the way to meet the ceiling

Continue The Wood All The Way To Meet The Ceiling.

Have you wood side beams go all the way up to meet the ceiling.
This way you’ll be able to attach your bearing plates and track hardware to the wall for a sturdier install.

Concrete Walls
Concrete Belt Sizing 

If your structure has a concrete belt going around it, you want to make sure you chip off the concrete
belt to be flush with the wood frame. Your garage door tracks will drop from the frame to the floor,
if your concrete is sticking out, you won’t have room for the tracks. Ideally you will leave about 4”-5”
of room. 3” is a min.

Other side as well

Other Side As Well

Sufficient Room for Rail Opener.

If you’re planning on installing a rail garage door opener, Make sure you have 10 feet of clearance From
the frame towards the inside of the garage. If you have a support beam in the way or any kind of decorative
beams, You won’t be able to install a real garage door opener.

Pre run sensors wires
Pre-Wiring Your Garage Door Opener.

It’s a good idea to pre-run your sensor wires and the wire leading to the wall button. This way you won’t
have wires staple to the finished wall. You can use any thin 2 cables copper wire. Run a wire from each
side of the garage. 6” above the ground on both sides going up to the where the opener will be- 10’ from
the opening, in the center of the garage door. Also have a power outlet there, to power the garage door opener.
You’re also want to have a wire from that spot running to where you want to mount your garage door wall button.

American Veteran Garage Door Repair of Las Vegas

American Veteran Garage Door Repair of Las Vegas

If you follow this guy they should have a perfectly framed frame ready to install a garage door with minimal problems. 
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