Things to Consider About Getting a Garage Door Expansion

Things to Consider About Getting a Garage Door Expansion

There are many things to consider before expanding any part of your home. The planning and overall work that goes into an expansion project is not a simple task. However, with a little research and professional guidance, a garage door expansion may be in the near future.

Can you afford to add property value to your home?

The increase in property value is definitely something to consider when expanding the garage. When you take into account that a garage can significantly bump up the value of the home, then this project makes sense financially. A few thousand dollars put into the garage can boost the property value by two to three times that amount.

While considering this garage door expansion, it will be important to factor in the cost of permits. Filing for the necessary permits is crucial and definitely a hassle you will not want to avoid.

Do you need a bigger garage?

It is important to question why you are expanding the garage in the first place. If you’re finding that there is barely any room for the extra stuff, the solution might be to expand for extra storage. A separate space for shelving, cabinets, and storage units might be the best solution because let’s face it, walking into a cluttered garage is not ideal.

What are your zoning laws?

This is an important question to consider. Every area has specific zoning laws you must abide by. This is to ensure that the residential areas stay residential and do not turn into any big business. For example, a zoning law for your garage will state where your garage can be located on the property, the size it can be, and which materials can be used. Homeowners will know very quickly whether an expansion is allowed in the area.

What about the plumbing and electrical?

Expanding the garage means something different to everyone. Some might find the extra space necessary for an office, extra storage, workout space, man cave, etc. If you’re looking to add laundry equipment or anything that requires additional plumbing and electrical, you will need to add extra pipes or go as far as changing the wiring system. Consider what your garage can and cannot handle and then go from there.

Will your neighbors approve?

The extra construction will get quite noisy. The neighborly thing to do would be to contact the neighbors and notify them of the new renovations. Small children and pets may or may not be affected by the noise. These are definitely things to consider about getting a garage door expansion.

Have you found a professional contractor?

Hiring a professional is crucial for a project such as a garage expansion. A licensed contractor with great reviews who will honor their estimates is imperative. With big projects like these, things can always go wrong. Upsets like faulty wires, leaky roofs, dishonest workmanship, and abandoned jobs do happen from time to time. Take your time finding a professional contractor who is licensed and professional.