Floyd Lamb Park At The Tule Springs

Floyd Lamb Park At The Tule Springs located at 9200 Tule Springs Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89131

One of the most important things about enjoying Nevada is to get out, get outdoors and enjoy it, but we’re going to add a little something.

We’re going to do a little learning as well. That’s not such a bad thing. We’re just north of bustling downtown Vegas in a park that could be Sin City’s best-kept secret. Just a few minutes out of Las Vegas is Floyd Lamb State Park, and as you can see, it’s beautiful.

There’s a lot of fresh air, and there’s somebody here that knows exactly what’s going on with all of it.

This was originally established as a ranch back in 1905, making it 110 years old, the same as Las Vegas.

It’s about 60 acres of picnicking, grass and ponds.

Most people don’t know it’s here.You can come away from Las Vegas and enjoy this beautiful scenery and wildlife, and yet you’re only a few minutes from town. The fish sometimes don’t like to eat because they’re smart.

The main park itself with the grassy area out front nearest the parking lots and surrounded by historic ranch buildings the park is home to a peacock population as well and they are mostly found in

this area these ponds are stocked and fishing is allowed with a three bag limit you’ll also see some of the covered picnic areas and the restrooms here as we pass another parking area for the ponds we pass a large gravel lot separating the main park and ponds from the group picnic area this area is designed for larger gatherings with more covered picnic area bathrooms and privacy from

the main park as we loop around a head back towards the entrance you’ll see mostly brush on

the right side until we pass the secluded entrance to the Las Vegas State tree nursery which is operated by the Forestry Service and open to the public continuing past a wall of oleander trees we eventually find to gravel parking lots on the right which are nearest to the bike trails and pumptrack you’ll also see a fenced-in parking area which is being used by the park for staging vehicles and equipment I believe

this is for the hay barn renovation which is ongoing first tool Springs is the name of this overall area which is a literal oasis in the desert so Springs is one of the few sites in the United States where

evidence suggests the presence of man before 11,000 BC it has also been a watering stop on a stagecoach route a working cattle ranch as well as a guest ranch throughout the video I will pop up

photos I took at the park of signs explaining the history of the park and structures

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