Clark County Heritage Museum

Clark County Heritage Museum is located at Henderson, Nevada and it is owned and managed by Clark County. The museum contains the Anna Roberts Parks and Recreation Exhibit Hall and the Heritage Street that have eight historical buildings from Nevada. The museum also has a wide range of artifacts and photos that are part of the history of Nevada. It is located next to the historic Las Vegas Strip. The museum is open for everyone during the day and evening and you may visit the museum on weekdays or weekend mornings. The museum offers educational activities and exhibits that children and adults alike will enjoy. The museum offers guided tours that you can take to learn about Nevada’s past.

The Museum also has several interactive exhibits to keep children interested. Some of the exhibits that are available for children are the “Franchise History of the Clark County Store”, the “Franchise History of Clark County Parks”The History of the Henderson Golf Course”. You will find that the museum has a variety of activities for children. The Museum provides kids with an array of hands-on activities like the “Puzzle Room”, the “Discovery Room” and the “Movie Theater”. The Museum even provides educational games and toys that children and parents alike can use while they are at the museum. The Museum hosts musical performances for children as well. Some of the concerts are designed for children and adult guests alike.

When you visit the museum you will be able to view all types of historical events in the town of Henderson as well as Las Vegas. The Henderson Museum hosts many events including art shows and festivals. You will also find that the museum offers cultural events such as dance recitals, musicals and more. There are also many great restaurants that offer great dining for families and individuals that enjoy great food. All of the cultural events at the museum allow children and adults to have fun and be entertained. The museum is sure to make your trip to Nevada worthwhile. Your Clark County Heritage Museum admission is free and you will feel like you were transported back in time.

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