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Henderson Nevada is a small city around Las Vegas, Nevada. It has some of the best scenery that you can find outside of Las Vegas. It is located north of the Vegas Strip, just east of Las Vegas. The city was developed in the 1940’s, following World War II. It was designed with a purpose, to provide housing for returning servicemen, as well as to help with the economy of the area.

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Located around the area are a major military base, Clark Air Force Base, and a large airport that are owned by the United States Department of Defense, Clark International Airport. There is also a museum that focuses on the history of the area, called the Clark County Historical Society. You will find all sorts of interesting facts about the city and the history of the people who lived here before the Great Depression. You will also find many interesting things to do in the city. This includes things like horseback riding through the desert, riding through a wildlife preserve, or going to the Henderson Nevada Zoo, which houses animals from all over the world. If you love nature, you will definitely enjoy a trip to the zoo, as it features many exotic animals.

There are many things to see and do in the city. As you can see, it is truly one of the best cities in the United States, when it comes to housing. It also is an excellent place to live, if you want to stay close to the Las Vegas Strip, as well as the Las Vegas attractions. If you are interested in this great city, you should definitely check it out, as there are many things to do. You will be able to find plenty of information on the city online.

At American Veteran Garage Door, we strive to provide the Henderson community with high-quality and professional garage door services. As one of the leading garage door companies in Southern Nevada, we provide around the clock garage door repairs and installations to Henderson, Green Valley, Silverado Ranch, Seven Hills, and the surrounding areas.

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Technician was very professional and knowledgeable about his craft. He showed up on time, assessed the repairs needing to be made, suggested better options and efficiently completed the job once I decided. I now have a new complete garage door setup to include new motor, tracks and nylon rollers. My 20 year old system served me well, but was on its last leg and audibly about to give in. American Veteran Garage Doors hooked me up. I now head out to the garage for any reason just so I get to open and close it and enjoy its quiet and smooth operation. 😁

Kevin Sanders / Google

My garage chain popped off and the wheel bearing were warped. I phoned and they came out the next morning as promised. Mr. Blake was professional, attentive and practiced social distancing by wearing his mask. His expertise is much appreciated. My garage closes so quietly! I can’t believe it was repaired! I was expecting to purchase a whole new system. Thanks 🙏🏽

Cristal Louise Boisseau / Google

Fantastic company! I found the service through Angies List and submitted a request for a quote. Within a few minutes I got a call, scheduled the appointment and had the repairman out within a couple hours. The repairman was there ahead of time and quickly fixed my garage door. I had A1 garage and another company quoting me $2000 to fix – veterans got it done for $175. Big thank you to the team!

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Before attempting any garage door work. Please note, this is a extremely dangerous and should only be done with a full understanding of how a garage door works and functions.
I will try to explain how to repair a garage door cable that has come off the drum. This is the easiest garage door repair and can save you hundreds of dollars doing yourself instead of calling a garage door company in Las Vegas.
This requires no tools. Do not disassemble anything, especially no screws that are marked red; These have high tension and should not be touched.
To repair a door cable that has come off track You will need to disengage the motor from the door and lift the door all the way up. You will probably need one more person to assist you by holding the door as high as you can so it cannot go up any further. Position a ladder in a comfortable spot where the cable has come on done. And then try to carefully wind the cable on the drum as neatly as possible using the grooves marked on the drum. For the last wind, you will probably have to use some force to be able to fit the cable on the drum.
After doing that, close the door and open it by hand a few times. If it feels that a rolls smooth, you can connect the door to the motor.
The more difficult part, is understanding why the door came off track and repairing it so it doesn’t happen again.
At American veteran Garage Doors our technicians are extremely skilled, and often can diagnose a problem within seconds. This requires a lot of experience.
I hope this guide helped. If it didn’t, give us a call will be happy to assist With any Garage Door repair in Las Vegas and Henderson




It is hard to say what a garage door repair will cost because not all garage doors are made equal. Also each component is of a different value and requires different labor cost. Depending on the garage door manufacturer. Sometimes parts are not available. Thus, it could require to fabricate and fit the part for the door. Having said that, Most licensed garage door companies will probably charge around $80-$150 in labor for a typical residential garage door repair in Las Vegas or Henderson. That price is not including parts, if necessary. Parts can range from $10-$80 depending on the part. Important to note that some companies will also charge a service call. Or an emergency call if the service is down after a certain hour. Typically after 7 PM most companies will tack on a an emergency charge ranging from 39$-149$ depending on what it in tails for them to Dispatch a technician to your house at that particular moment. I would say, “out the door”,a client should probably expect a garage door repair to be 100$-400$ depending on which company he goes with, if parts are needed, how complicated the job is, and if the company charges a service call.
At American veteran Garage Doors our estimates are free. we don’t charge a service call. We like to dispatch a technician with no cost to the client to evaluate the repair. Our rates are reasonable and i like to think we have The best service in Vegas.
With reasonable prices and free on-site estimate our clients can try us out risk free, As they only pay us if we are hired to do the work.





A lot of clients call us wanting to add windows to the garage door to allow some of the Las Vegas sunlight to come in. I would say adding windows to the garage door is usually costly if bought from manufacturer or time consuming if fabricated by hand.
The advantages of having windows on the garage are aesthetic appearance, and having natural light in the garage.
The disadvantages of having windows on your garage door are many. Safety wise your door can be accessed by anyone who breaks the window and pulls on the emergency release rope. Also,everyone sees what you have in the garage.Furthermore,if you have an insulated door, your insulation is not as effective when having windows.
But, Windows do you look nice. There are two ways to go about adding windows to a garage door.

Option #1 Replacing the top garage door section with a ready window section.
This is the preferred way to go. You will have to figure out which manufacturer and model you currently have right now. And then, call and see if it’s still available and what is the price for it. Keep in mind, a lot of times you are not able to buy the panel because it is discontinued. Buying a Garage Door section from a different manufacturer will not fit. Not all garage door sections are equal. They come in different stack styles, Different thicknesses etc. Not to mention that the windows sizes are different. You will have to get exactly what you have otherwise it will not work or look odd. Experienced garage door technicians often are able to recognize the garage doors installed in Las Vegas and Henderson just by looking at it and tell you if it’s discontinued or not.

Option #2 Fabricating your own garage door windows.
If you are a very crafty/ handy person and have about 2 days to spend on it this might be a fun project for you. You will have to disassemble your top panel, and set it on a work table. Then cut out windows at the desired size. And then, fit them with glass and framing.
Keep in mind this is not an easy job to do well. If you do go with that option you can buy window frames from Garage Doors suppliers Clopay is a brand that sells them and they fit in most doors.

Which ever option to go with, good luck with your project. If we can be of any assistance to you give us a call.

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American Veteran Garage Doors in Henderson offers the highest quality customer service and garage repairs and installation. As the leading Henderson garage door company, we are committed to providing Southern Nevada with the widest selection of garage doors and services. Contact us today to get your free quote.


At American Veteran Garage Door, we strive to provide the Henderson community with high-quality and professional garage door services. As one of the leading garage door companies in Southern Nevada, we provide around the clock garage door repairs and installations to Henderson, Green Valley, Silverado Ranch, Seven Hills, and the surrounding areas.

Our expert garage door technicians provide the highest quality garage door tune-ups, off-track repair service, torsion spring replacement, weather stripping replacements, and garage door operator repairs— to name a few. Our technicians are certified and have the necessary knowledge to work on both residential and commercial garage doors.

Your garage door is one of the first features of your home and business that you will notice. More importantly, it’s one of the main entrances that you, your family, or your employees will use so it is important that you not only have a great looking garage door but that you have one that works incredibly for you! We offer a wide array of garage door makes and models to meet every one of your residential and commercial garage door needs. Contact American Veteran Garage Doors today to receive your free quote!


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